November 12, 2012


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This Week at Skratch Labs

Those of you who follow Skratch closely may have noticed that I’ve started writing a weekly blog for our site.  I’m doing it to keep you up to date with all the goings on here as we continue to grow and expand thanks to all of your support.   Hopefully it will serve as way for us to keep you informed and, if I do my job well, at least slightly entertained from time to time.  We’ve experienced plenty of growing pains this year but we’d like to think that we’re taking a lot more steps forward than back these days.  I hope you’ll follow along and take this journey with us.

OK, all that being said, it’s going to be tough for me to write about what happened at Skratch Labs this week because I honestly have no idea. Seriously.  As I mentioned previously, I split town last weekend, hooked up with a few old friends from college and rode my bike from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.  Good times were had by all.  Except perhaps me on Day Two when I started cracking with nearly 100kms still to go in our planned 200km day from Santa Cruz to Big Sur.  No idea what happened- it may have been the heat (my first ride in 90+ temps in months), the early pace on the climbs trying to keep up with two guys a lot faster than me, or more likely just an overall lack of fitness in general.  Regardless of the reason, it was a hard ride but I lived to fight another day and the rest of the trip was a blast.  I’ve started playing with a couple of GoPros we have lying around the office and put together a little vid of the trip.


I was back in the office by Thursday so even though I was kind of in a daze after putting in some 400 miles in four days and then flying straight out of SB Wednesday night and not getting home til after 2am, I’m not completely in the dark about what happened here this week.  I was very happy to see that little Lexi was in the office on Thursday as she is always a source of great entertainment for everyone.  Here she is as the Queen of Skratch Mountain.  

Lexi comes in about once a week and helps us pick and pack orders in between naps and playing with the now as many as five dogs we have in the office at any one time.  Lucy, Mahari, Penny, Ozzie, and Shona.

Several of the gang made another trip to consult with Joe Gibbs Racing.  Allen, Ian, and our newest Skratcher, Lauren, all went out to Charlotte to get their NASCAR on this week.  I’m counting on them for a full report from the field this time so stay tuned for that.  Here they are, excited about escaping all the snow we had this weekend here in the Colorado Front Range.  Nice shirts, kids.

As out of touch with the office as I was this week, there is one thing I know for sure:  The Skratch Team is made up of some very kind and generous people.  After all, while we have grown a lot this year, the reality is that we are still pretty darn small so when any one person is out for a few days, it puts a heavier burden on those still at the office and I'm grateful they were willing to pick up the slack created when I took a few days off.  I know I am very lucky to have such a great team to work with.  Hopefully, they’ll all get their own version of the Coast Ride soon and I can repay the favor by being here while they get to play for a few days.  It’s the least I can do.  So huge thanks to those who were in the office this week so that I didn’t have to be- I owe you one.

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