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Skratch Labs CamelBak new Podium Bottle

CamelBak recently redesigned their bottles, and they are... hmmm, what's the word we're looking for? Fan-frickin-tastic! At 24oz they'll hold enough Skratch to help keep you hydrated during your most epic workouts.

We've got two options: White with black logos, or clear with black logos, both are super gouda! They're durable, easy to clean, and did we mention, fan-frickin-tastic! We did?  Well, it was worth saying again. Get yourself a dozen or two.  High-five!  Down low?  Too slow.

Skratch Labs Purist Hydroflo Bottle

As pure as drinking from a glass- with all the advantages of a flexible bottle.  

The 23oz Skratch Labs branded Specialized Purist Hydroflo bottle is infused with a silicon dioxide⃰ coating, forming a glass-like barrier that prevents odors, stains, and mold from permanently attaching to the inside surface of the bottle.  Your bottle stays clean and your Skratch Labs Drink Mix tastes even better than before. 

Plus, it's got the Skratch Labs logo on it.  What more could you want?  

Silicon dioxide is an inert compound made from two of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust: silicon (not to be confused with silicone, one of the most abundant elements in Beverly Hills) and oxygen.  The medical industry uses silicon dioxide to create an ultra-sterile surface for tests that cannot be compromised with even the slightest impurities.

Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle

Combining the thermal properties of an insulated vacuum bottle with the lightweight, flexible features of a plastic bottle, the 600ml/20oz Polar Bottle is the ideal choice for active people. Simply fill with liquid and ice and hit the trail. For even longer cooling power, fill your Polar Bottle and store it in the freezer before use. Either way, it will keep liquids cold twice as long as conventional water bottles. 

Skratch Labs Clear Little Big Mouth Bottle

The 620ml/21oz Skratch branded Little Big Mouth has long been the standard that all bottles are compared to.  Simple stylish function at an affordable price.

 ***ALL Skratch Labs branded bottles are 100% BPA free***

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