Electrolyte Seltzer Hack

January 23rd, 2023

The trick to getting Skratch in your seltzer is to dissolve the powder in a very small amount of water before you mix it into your seltzer.
If you add Skratch powder directly to your seltzer can or glass it will turn in to a small eruption 🌋 if you’re using our Clear Hydration, use just enough room temperature water and a good shake to dissolve the powder before adding in your seltzer (The highly branched cluster dextrin needs a little extra TLC).
Pour over ice, and enjoy your bubbly 🥂

➡️ Experiment with different Skratch mixes and flavors and your favorite seltzer. 
➡️This works for regular seltzer, for spiked seltzers might we suggest grabbing a Snowmelt x Skratch series 

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