Recovery Cinnamon Bun Hack

January 23rd, 2023

Do you need a great tasting, indulgent, cinnamon bun that will keep you going through the day? Try out this recipe with a quick hack when you are short on time!

Quick and/or lazy chef option:
Grab pop and go cinnamon buns and cook as directed.
Take the premade icing add a scoop of Horchata Recovery mix and just enough water to bring back to icing texture.
Drown the buns in horchata icing goodness.
Gobble up.

Baking purist option:
Take your favorite cinnamon bun and icing recipe and sub some horchata for powdered sugar in the icing (taste test until you find your preferred ratio) You can even add a sprinkle of horchata into the cinnamon/sugar/butter-spread on the dough before rolling up.

Now that you have the hack, get off your phone, get to the store, make these, and there’s a 99% chance this will make your case of the Mondays at least 1% better since you’ll have something delicious to eat and look forward to in the morning.

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