Skratch My Pork Belly Sandwich

August 09. 2019

With influence from Dr. Allen Lim’s roots, and a powerhouse team of ingredients, this pork belly breakfast sandwich is hard to beat!

The tang of the honey mustard and the sourdough, the savory sweetness of the eggs, the crisp crunch of slaw, and the melty pork belly all make for a, well… happy belly!

And don’t let the word breakfast mislead you, this is a winner at any meal! 

Sourdough Bread


Trader Joe’s Honey Mustard

Skratch Slaw

Pork Belly

Al’s Eggs


Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese  

Cook your pork belly however you prefer, or pick up from your favorite local spot

Prep Skratch Slaw

Fill bowl with warm water and submerge package of cheese to help soften

Cook up your Al’s Eggs and add desired amount of chopped scallions

Lightly spread mayonnaise on both sides of your bread, toast to your preferred crispness

Once toasted, start layering




Pork Belly


Add additional condiments to your liking

Cross cut for flare

Pairs well with our Watermelon Mint Salad 

Fun Fact

“Mayonnaise is an emulsion, which means you have small droplets of oil surrounded by egg yolk… This emulsion allows the oils in the mayonnaise actually to stick to the food, unlike plain oil….And where oil only heats and browns the food thermally, mayonnaise is able to brown food chemically — that golden-brown color — through what is known as the Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction requires sugars and proteins to work; as these are heated, the nonenzymatic reaction produces browning.”

LA Times 

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