April 26, 2017

Sell Sheets: down and dirty product info.

This is simple information formatted for our dealers, but also works great for ambassadors chatting up folks about us. It's to the point and the easiest way to explain our products to anyone who's interested: http://bit.ly/2ogpwFL
April 05, 2017

Theme for April: #GetYourHeadSet

Use these to formulate your short-form and long form posting ideas:
  • What goes on in your mind pre-adventure/race (the moment before THE moment)? How do you prepare for the big efforts? Training or racing?
  • During sport (what are you thinking when you want to quit? how do you 'train your brain' to stay focused on the task at hand?)
  • Post sport (the good, the bad, the ugly. When you look back on your adventure, run, ride, etc., and you did well, how does it feel? When you didn't do well, what's going on inside your head?) How do you get overcome those thoughts to get back out there? What emotions do you feel? Pictures, quotes, etc. (in training, during a race, post race, etc)?
  • Routine, habits, superstitions, how do you prepare before the race?
  • Describe visualization (if this is a technique you use) before a super hard workout/race. 

Show us your posts by using the hashtag: #GetYourHeadSet

April 05, 2017


Stoking the fire. (Ideas)
  • Below is our calendar of themes for the year.
    • Topics by Month: (Sent to you every month by email)
  • April: The importance of mindfulness
  • May: When and how to tap into your community. How do you create community?
  • June: Paying it forward, giving back
  • July: Tracking and measuring where you are in achieving your goals
  • August: Keeping your passion fun
  • September: Nutrition and a new product launch! Shhhhh!
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • IG takeovers

Housekeeping. Let’s get on the same page.

I know everyone read their agreements. I mean, who the hell doesn’t like reading fine print?? Okay, maybe not. We get it. In that case, here are the essentials of our expectations. On the next slide, you’ll find the finer points of all level of ambassador obligations.
Note: not all of the these expectations apply to each of you. Just go back to your agreement to see which ones correspond. See? Easy.

Finer points.

  • Long form content. 4 pieces, one each quarter. Don’t worry, it is our job to help you with these. Let us know your ideas, we will offer guidance and inspiration to help you make it awesome.
  • Short form content. 1-3 each month. These are the easy ones, like the ones you saw a few slides ago. But we still want to help you make yours great.
  • Facebook Group: Skratch Labs Taste Agents. Join it. Introduce yourself. Ask questions, write a few comments, help out. It will be fun.
  • Skratch Social Media posts, Skratch Re-posts, Skratch Tags: Let’s share. We want to use your content to establish a more positive, inspiring social connection with our supporters also puts your content out to a different, potentially wider audience (and hey, you might get more followers out of it!). Plain talk? We get to use any content that you tag us in. We will ALWAYS give credit where it’s due. To you.
  • Email, phone, or in-person communication: 

    This is part of the fun, but it’s also part of the headache. It’s how we can most easily get in touch with you. Sometimes these emails (and slideshows) are long and detailed. Trust us, we get these kind of emails too. Read them, respond to them! CC people when it’s appropriate. This communication is ESSENTIAL to raising your game and our game up a notch. Michelle and I’s goal with all our communication is to be clear, succinct, but also, get you excited about what we are doing, cause, hey, this shit is fun. What you guys do is fun! Let’s capitalize on it!

We want to keep you out of trouble. Here are some things you should know.

How we will communicate with you:

  • jason@skratchlabs.com
  • michelle.d@skratchlabs.com
  • FB- Skratch Labs Taste Agents
  • Email, monthly theme email
  • Call us! 800.735.8904
  • Exclusive TA page on website

Remember: Watch for the monthly theme email! We will be sending these through Mailchimp going forward, it's easier on our end. 


April 05, 2017

Posting Guidelines/Tips- How we can work together to create some magical shit

Dear Taste Agent,

We love you.


You are Valued. We couldn’t do this without you. Really.

One of our missions here at Skratch Labs is to help all athletes reach their goals - from those just getting started to those who have more experience under their belt. This year we want to inspire our supporters by engaging more thoughtfully on social - not only talking about the end result, but listening and sharing the reality of what it means to get up and work hard. As our influencer, you are critical to this evolution and will be offering immeasurable value to this audience by helping us do this. We will do it together, but will do it in our own voices, which is what will make it so effing cool.

2017 Theme: Overcoming!

This year the conversation is about what you REALLY go through to chase your dream. Not just the picture of you holding your medal or the story of what happened when you crossed the finish line. But the blood, sweat, and tears you shed and even the disappointments you had to endure.  The moment before the moment.

You all know the basics. Here’s what counts when you post about Skratch:

Content (other than social media): (long form example)

  • A blog post written on the Skratch Labs blog. Note: it does not have to tie to a product, if it’s hosted on our blog. Here is an example: Rock Climbers: How to Care for Your Hands (written by TA’s Alex Johnson & Claire Bukowski)
    • Wanna write a similar post on the SL blog? Share your ideas with Jason & Michelle. If it syncs with our monthly calendar, we’d love to post it. Please note that we plan the calendar a month or two in advance.
    • IG Takeover
    • Podcast

Social Media (short form example)

  • A post with @SkratchLabs tagged either in the photo or caption or comments with a direct tie to a monthly theme, product, or supporting a blog post or marketing effort from Skratch.
    • A post with Skratch Labs & less than 2 other companies tagged (as long as it meets the criteria above).
    • See examples of truly dedicated posts on the next slide.

    What counts.


    Why these short-form posts count:

      • Logo and/or product is visible.
      • Copy is specific to Skratch Labs
      • It includes only one sponsor.
      • It isn’t cluttered with hashtags in the post. (Hashtags are best as a separate comment)
  • The post isn’t tied to a monthly theme, however, the post is focused on Skratch Labs.

    What counts. 

    Why this short form post counts:

    • It does not talk about Skratch Labs, or our products. However, it was posted during the month of March and ties to our theme of #TrainAndMaintain (Hillary also tagged Skratch in the caption)
    • Less is more. Two sentences.
    • It includes 2 or less other sponsors or companies (re: The North Face)
    • It isn’t cluttered with hashtags in the post.

    What counts. 

    Why this short form post counts:

    • The caption is dedicated to Skratch. Although it doesn’t call out a specific product, it gets the point across that Ian’s epic adventures are fueled by Skratch. Simple. To the point.
    • Ian didn’t tag any other sponsors or partners in his post(just his buddies). This is significant-- if you look at other photos in his feed, he has many other sponsors, but he keeps them to relevant posts.
    • Two sentences.

    Facebook Group posts: are great! But make sure you are sharing them with your audiences first!

    April 04, 2017

    Social Guide: Mission & Target Audience

    To give you a better sense of why we exist and who we're talking to, we've put together this list of our values and target audience profile. 

    Our mission. Our values.

    Skratch Labs exists to help athletes be better. Our company cares about one on one relationships, teaching skills and providing inspiration. We’ve also created from scratch, functional food and products that are better for you and help you achieve your goals.

    Our core values are reflected in everything we do.

    - We are real.
    - We are empathetic.
    - We perform.
    - We do it together.

    “What is Skratch Labs?”

    We’re a company that helps people be better.

    We make functional food and drinks that don’t have any chemicals or anything artificial - real food ingredients.

    Every ingredient has a purpose and is recognized by the body because that’s what’s best for athletes.

    “What does your name mean?”

    We believe food and drink is better from scratch. We also believe that no matter where you

    find yourself in life it's never to late to start from scratch. It’s what our founders did and we do it every day.


    Who Are We Talking To?

    Diehard Danny/Dani (primary audience).

    Why is Dani valuable to Skratch?

    Frequency of workouts, community focus, and long term view on life.

    ○ Age 30-39.

    ○ Male and female.

    ○ Open-minded.

    ○ Educated and affluent (+$150k HH income).

    ○ Techophile, performance geek.

    ○ Athlete who is constantly searching for better.

    ○ Works out 4x per week.

    ○ Not a couch-to-10k but ½ marathon and bigger.

    ○ Found their tribe(s).


    Our Goals for the Taste Agent Program

    ● Drive folks to our website and inspire them to purchase product.

    ● Grow our community on-line and off and speak with them more!

    ● Keep our rep legit: Consistent message, tone, and engagement