Clear Hydration Drink Mix

a sports drink that tastes like water

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Just a hint of flavor

This is a great way to get all the electrolytes and calories without feeling like you're overdosing on sweetness during a long ride.

Tiffany Verified Buyer

Loved this!

Really enjoyed the mild flavor, nice for when you just want water but are working out! Used this weekend for some mountain biking.

ashley Verified Buyer

Just the right amount of flavor

Tried clear during my last 70.3 race and it worked out perfectly Not too sweet and no overpowering flavor Hydration was perfect

Sheelah C. Verified Buyer

Like to mix with hydration

I mix the clear with regular hydration packs for an extra boost that doesn't add too much flavor or clash with the existing flavors

Andy Verified Buyer

Tastes like water, performs like a sports drink.

  • Our Clear Hydration Drink Mix is a sports drink that tastes like water (with a twist of citrus).

    Athletes kept asking Allen for a sports drink with less flavor than our Hydration Sport Drink Mix. They had flavor fatigue and were craving crisp, cold water on hot days. This sparked a new challenge for Allen to make a drink mix that tasted as light as water but still had the benefits of a high-performing sports drink.

    So Allen did what only Allen can do — he hit the lab with a Clear vision to make water even better, while retaining its essence and adding just the right amount of electrolytes and the lightest amount of citrus flavor.

    Drink Clear when you just want to drink water but know you need a sports drink. Clear is infused with a subtle hint of flavor from real lemons [or oranges] to give you a crisp, light tasting, refreshing way to get the electrolytes you need.

    Every athlete has a different sodium sweat concentration, and some need more sodium in their hydration drink than others. The beauty of Clear Hydration Drink Mix is that you can add as much as you need without impacting the flavor. It’s Skratch magic!

    Clear is easy on your gut and easy on your taste buds for hydrating all day long or going long all day.

    For more information on Clear Hydration Drink Mix, read our product blog here.

    Our Clear Hydration Drink Mix is non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher.

  • To use 
    As a starting point, add a scoop of mix to an empty 12-16oz bottle, partially fill with water, shake well, and then add more water. If you’re a saltier sweater, add as much as you need without impacting the flavor. For further instructions on how to mix, view this short video below. 

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