Skratch Labs Individual Sponsorship Application

Our Taste Agent program for 2016 is currently 99% full...

Wanted: Exceptional people, athletes, and community members to live our Mission: To provide people with the inspiration, life skills, and products to take better care of themselves and their families. As a Taste Agent, you will help us educate active people everywhere that there is a better way to train and a better way to fuel your body.

A Taste Agent (our version of a brand ambassador) is kind, humble, approachable and reverently passionate- a guide, mentor and guru all at once. Results matter far less than character; we’re looking for real people who work hard, play hard and believe in the power of the Skratch philosophy.  

Do you use Skratch Labs products during training, competition, and your every day endeavors? Do you use the Feed Zone and Portables cookbooks for training and everyday meals?

If so, you’re one of us and we want you on our team.  Apply for the 2016 Skratch Labs Taste Agent Program to become an official representative.

*This application is for individuals, if you're looking for team support apply here. 

We’re looking for Athletes who are:

Authentic. Our Taste Agents are the inspirational storytellers for our brand. Our Taste Agents are highly motivated, enthusiastic selfstarters who validate Skratch Labs through their daily lives, sport and community. And have fun doing so!

Passionate. Our Taste Agents are excited to tell people about Skratch Labs and the benefits of using our products and cooking from the cookbooks. They are also passionate about being active and creative, whether through training, racing, or simply having fun and playing hard.

Involved. We are not just looking for individuals who embrace the active lifestyle with exercise, training, and racing but who are also involved in their community through coaching, clubs, social media, blogs, forums and other outlets. We want people who do more than just seek to achieve their own PRs.

What we expect of our Taste Agents:

Be a Skratch Labs Advocate. We want you to be the type of role model and spokesperson with whom Skratch Labs users and our partners will be proud to be associated.

Use Skratch Labs products! Our Taste Agents are passionate about Skratch Labs and the Feed Zone & Portables cookbooks. We want you to tell people about the benefits of our products and lifestyle.

What we hope for from our Taste Agents:

Online presence. We ask that you maintain a social media presence to help spread the word about Skratch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the many online forums that discuss nutrition and training.

Provide product feedback. We want to hear about what you love and ideas you think would improve our products.

Wear our Kit. We want you to fly the pixel flag when possible. Be it on the bike, a running trail or at the beach (pixel bathing suits not available, sorry)!

Community. Our Taste Agents are responsible for building their community through food, perhaps by hosting potluck dinners and making portables for friends and clubs using the cookbooks “The Feed Zone” and “Portables”. The goal is to engage your friends and bring them together to talk about life, food, and things outside sport that interest you.

Event presence. Our Taste Agents may be asked to participate with us a various events across the United Sates. Events vary from large, nationally supported and grassroots in nature with our regional sales reps.

What you’ll get:

Discount on Skratch Labs' Products. Plus, opportunities for more.

Promotion as an athlete. We will do our best to promote your adventures, results, and outings with our website, social media profiles and blog.

Skratch Labs branding. We will ensure that you are provided with branded elements for use online.

Now The Fun Part…The question and answer part, where you tell us about yourself...please complete all fields below: Your information will never be shared with anyone else, but we will use it to stay in touch.


Check off your favorite way to spend your time. If one sport doesn't cover it for you please use the other to explain.

Which ones, and your user name.

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