Skratch Labs Team Sponsorship Application

The crowd roars, fans scramble, and audience members applaud in appreciation of the teams and athletes who entertain and inspire us every day. Skratch Labs supports and admires each of you in your moments of victory, however large or small.

Skratch Labs partners with select teams and athletes of various levels across a variety of playing fields. We share your passion for sport and acknowledge the drive and dedication it takes to achieve your goals and dreams day in and day out. We are proud to offer the chosen teams a discount on three (3) consolidated team orders of select Skratch Labs products throughout the partnership period.

The following information provides greater insight into who we are, what we believe and who we align ourselves with. Please read thoroughly to see if your team is a great fit.

*This application is for teams, if you're looking for individual support apply here. 

We’re looking for Teams who are:

Passionate. Our partnered Teams are excited to tell people about Skratch Labs and the benefits of using our products and cooking from our cookbooks. They are also passionate about being active and creative, whether that is through training, racing, or simply having fun and playing hard.

Involved. We are not just looking for Teams who embrace the active lifestyle with exercise, training, and racing but who are also involved in their community through coaching, clubs, social media, blogs, forums and other outlets. PRs and podiums are great, but having fun and sharing a positive attitude are even more important.

What we ask of our Teams:

Be a Skratch Labs Advocate. We want you to be the type of role model and spokesperson that Skratch Labs users and our partners will be proud to be associated with.

Use Skratch Labs products! Our Teams are passionate about Skratch Labs and the Feed Zone & Portables cookbooks. We want you to tell people about the benefits of our products and lifestyle.

Contribute editorial content. To help motivate, inspire and educate others, we’ll publish some of your best work (blog post, training advice, race reports, innovative recipes, etc.) Note: You provide us the content and we’ll do our best to post it.

Online - Onsite presence. We encourage you to maintain a social media presence to help spread the word about Skratch through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the many online forums that discuss nutrition, training, and daily life activities that you are passionate about. We may ask you and your team to help spread the word about events, videos, etc.

Provide product feedback. We want to know what you love about Skratch and what you don’t love about Skratch, and hear any ideas you have that you think could improve our products.

Logo & Product Usage. We want you to sport the pixel flag whenever possible. Be it on a bike, a running trail, mountaintop, yoga studio, kitchen, lion tamer’s ring, stock car, sailboat, or even at the beach! (Pixel bathing suits not available). We’ll provide you with a Skratch media kit and guidelines to use when designing your branded elements.

Other nutrition sponsors. We expect that the team not acquire or have an existing relationship with any competing sports nutrition brand.

What you’ll get:

Skratch Labs. You’ll get a discount to purchase select Skratch Labs products and merchandise. 

Important: If your team is associated with a local retailer of Skratch products we ask that the team and the retailer work together on their nutrition partnership. We like pie around here, and we want everyone to get their piece!

Promotion as a Team/Athlete. We will do our best to promote your adventures, results, and outings with our website, social media profiles and blog. Note: This content will need to be shared with us so we can publicize it.

Skratch Labs branding. We will ensure that you are provided with the proper logos to use when designing your kits, and other various branded elements.

Now The Fun Part…The question and answer part, where you tell us about your team...please complete all fields below:


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