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Skratch Labs is the official hydration drink, recovery drink, energy bar, energy chew, and rice cake sponsor of usa cycling. Use your member code usacmember20 to get 20% off your first purchase.

sport hydration

drink mix

The right electrolyte profile: contains the average sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium lost when you sweat.

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sport energy


Fast & sustained energy: a specific ratio of glucose + fructose to speed the absorption of energy into the body, and pectin to create a solid form factor that keeps the energy flowing at a steady rate.

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sport recovery

drink mix

Refuel faster: made using complete milk that provides a 4:1 carb to protein ratio that speeds recovery better than carbs or protein alone.

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anytime energy


Simple Fuel: made only with great-tasting, whole-food ingredients for sustained energy and easier digestion.

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sport crispy

rice cakes

Giving you real food energy powered by crispy rice, made with grown-up ingredients like brown rice, wild rice, red rice, quinoa, and no junk!

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sport superfuel

drink mix

Created for athletes who push so hard that they can’t easily take in enough calories to perform at their best.

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feed zone


Real food, real science, & easy recipes for any kind of athlete. Each cookbook comes with 75+ healthy recipes for athletes.

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gear &


Only the best gear for our skratch fans so you can sport the brand with pride.

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it all started with a secret drink mix...

our story

made from skratch

We were two pros who spent years on the Pro Cycling Tour watching our teammates eat terribly and suffer through bad-tasting sports “nutrition” that ruined their stomachs. So we did something about it. Skratch Labs started as a “secret drink mix” of real sugar, salt, and fruit powder, mixed together in a 5-gallon paint bucket. We wanted to help pro cyclists feel better and ride faster, and we did. Nearly a decade later, our approach is the same: help athletes perform better by solving their nutrition problems, without causing new ones, using real food ingredients. As we’ve learned in the kitchen and in our careers -- everything is better when you start from scratch.

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