Coffee Mug, 14oz

It’s just a coffee cup.  How clever and creative can we really be with the description?  Let’s find out.

It’s early morning.  The sun is just peeking above the horizon and starting to stream rays of golden light into your kitchen.  You glance up and smile knowingly, thinking that the day ahead will surely be a Good one.  As the rice cooker dings, notifying you it has completed its task of perfectly steaming your fuel source for the day, you pull the farm fresh, free range organic eggs from the heat and turn off the Omega juicer that has just produced eight ounces of fresh, nutrient rich beet juice.  Everything is perfect.  Today is going to be your day.

You settle in to ingest your favorite breakfast, watch the last moments of the sunrise, and ponder the adventure that awaits you.  An adventure you have planned, worked and waited for for months.  Finally, the coffee maker is finished with the magical process it undertakes to produce the pure liquid gold that will change the morning from simply perfect, to Simply Perfect.  But something’s wrong.  Very, very Wrong.  You have no cup for your coffee.

Your heart rate rises.  Your breath quickens.  Panic begins to set in.  So much preparation, so much work.  How could this happen?  Where did you go wrong?  The training has been done.  The sleeping has been slept.  You are ready.  You have earned this day.  And just like that, in the blink of an eye, it’s all Gone.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Get yourself a Skratch Labs coffee cup and avoid the tragedy described above.  It comes in black and white or white and black, depending on how you look at it, so maybe you should get one of each, just to be safe. Get his and hers.  Or his and his.  Or hers and hers.  Or be selfish and get yours and yours.  Either way,  two has got to be better than one. 

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