Lengendairy Ice Kream

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Ice to meet you… introducing our new Skratch Ice Kream. The line was designed to fuel you at all stages and make you feel like the cream of the crop🍦. During exercise things get hot. So hot that you want to inhale a frozen treat. But we hate stopping mid-workout to deal with a brain freeze. So we created a line of ice cream favorites that not only prevent GI distress, but also cranial distress. Available in 3 legendairy options.

You know what’s COOL? Hydration. You know what’s cooler than being cool? ICE COLD. You know what’s cool and ice cold?! Hydrating and cooling your core body temp at the same time with Skratch Hydration Sport Popsicles

Bars and gels… too dry or too gooey, too hard to chew, too slimy to swallow. None of them can chill you out when that 98.6 is starting to feel like 198.6.… You know what can? Energy Drumstick Sport Fuel. 

Let’s get right to the pint. Timing is everything when it comes to recovery. Swap the post-ride beer pint for an ice cream pint! Improve recovery with the optimal carb-to-protein ratio, churned and chilled to the perfect temp for cooling down your core Skratch Recovery Sport Ice Kream Pint. 

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