Skratch Labs Bottles

Skratch Labs Insulated Polar Bottle

Combining the thermal properties of an insulated vacuum bottle with the lightweight, flexible features of a plastic bottle, the 20oz Polar Bottle is the ideal choice for active people. Simply fill with liquid and ice and hit the trail. For even longer cooling power, fill your Polar Bottle and store it in the freezer before use. Either way, it will keep liquids cold twice as long as conventional water bottles. 

Skratch Labs Specialized Big Mouth Bottle

The long standing standard for simplicity that just works. These will hold 21oz of super yummy Skratch Labs. 

Skratch Labs CamelBak new Podium Bottle

CamelBak recently redesigned their bottles, and they are... hmmm, what's the word we're looking for? Fan-frickin-tastic! At 24oz they'll hold enough Skratch to help keep you hydrated during your most epic workouts.

The flagship of CamelBak race bottles, the Podium, selected by the Pro Tour Cannondale-Garmin team again for the 2015 season is redesigned to improve its squeezability and handgrip and to increase the flow of water. The Jet Valve technology, which made Podium the “must-have” for every endurance athlete, is still an integral part of the new version, and the new nozzle is removable for easy cleaning.

We currently have one color option in stock: The smoke bottle with white logos.

They're durable, easy to clean, and did we mention, fan-frickin-tastic! We did?  Well, it was worth saying again. Get yourself a dozen or two.  High-five!


 ***ALL Skratch Labs branded bottles are 100% BPA free***

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