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January 03, 2019

Looking for an efficient, functional workout? How about one that simply involves utilizing your own body weight to improve strength and endurance? TRX suspension training is a versatile, low impact, total body workout that can be taken advantage of by all fitness levels and is great cross-training for endurance sports. Skratch Ambassador, Dre Nestle, walks us through the steps needed to get started with TRX.

What do you need? Commitment, and not much else! The TRX system is made up of two durable, adjustable straps with comfortable handles at the end. The set up options are endless. You can use a door or ceiling mount, railing, fence, or even a tree branch. Whether you want to get your sweat on indoors or outside with Mother Nature, the TRX suspension system conveniently supports your endeavors.

Wondering if you should try a class or if at home is the way to go? There are great benefits regardless of what you choose. At home is convenient, comfortable, and you can personalize your workouts. However, there isn’t professional guidance and the space may be limited. Opting for a group class can provide structure, motivation, and accountability. You must keep in mind programs tend to be generalized and personal attention is minimal. Whatever you decide, make sure it sets you up for success!

Dre has adopted the suspension training philosophy and it has become a major component of the fitness plans he designs for both himself and his members. Below you will find TRX moves you can incorporate in your fitness plan to maximize results. Remember, you’re choosing a lifestyle. Be patient with your goals, most progress will take place “over time, not overnight.”

Training routine and pictures by: Dre Nestle (@dre36fresno)

Core Training

Double Knee Crunch


Oblique Training

Side Plank

Oblique Crunch

Cross Training

Suspended Lunge/Knee up

Squat Jump(narrow/wide)

Speed Skate

Single Leg Neutral Grip Row

Remember, over time, not overnight. 

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