Hot Glass Blowing + Hydration from Skratch!

July 29, 2016

In 2002, Cal - an avid outdoorsman - opened the studio in the backyard of the preserve where he spent a good deal of time scaling the deep cliffs of the preserve and paddling the turbulent waters nearby. His art reflected the natural beauty of this place, and the activities he used to explore it. "As a glassblower/artist, my team and I sweat a lot. Especially being in the hot and humid deep south. There have been times where we drank way too much water to replace the loss of fluids and felt sore and exhausted the next day." says Cal. "As a reaction to this, we added electrolyte mixes, but they were overly sweet and nuclear bright in color. In fact, we typically chose which type to drink by the color rather than flavor because that was the easiest way to describe these drinks!" he jokes. 

When he started trail running just a couple of years ago, Cal began researching nutrition and found Skratch Labs. Since, his art and the tools and approach that he uses in his craft have changed; Skratch Labs hydration mixes are keeping his team of artists hydrated and energized to create art inspired by the place where they work, play and adventure. 

"Now that we've found Skratch, we haven't gone back," Cal says proudly. "My team and I are able to work long days in the hot humid Alabama summer with great recovery for the next days' adventures in glass making. Skratch is so effective that I have been able to train for ultras throughout the summer, running before and after work on top of sweating in the hot glass studio."

"Skratch is an integral part of the hot glass studio in my eyes," says Cal. We're so excited to hear that our products are helping to inspire these artists - in their work and at play! In addition to selling their beautiful, handmade glass blown art pieces, Orbix Hot Glass sells our hydration mixes - Cal's way of sharing the secret of Skratch Labs with other hot glass artists.  

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