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July 05, 2018

Skratch sat down with triathlete Shirin Gerami (Shiz) to pick her brain about sport, life, and how she keeps it real! Shiz is from Iran and made history in 2013 as Iran’s first female triathlete. She set new precedent again in 2016 at Ironman World Championships in Kona, as the first female athlete to officially represent Iran in an Ironman. While competing for Iran she agreed to respects the Islamic culture and the rules and regulations of Iran. This requires women to be covered in public settings, by wearing clothing that covers her entire body, apart from hands and face. She is an inspiration and a boundary pusher, not only for women, but for society. 

Skratch Labs (SL): Who are you? What is your sport?

Shirin Geram (SG): My name is Shiz, those who try to take me seriously call me Shirin Gerami... and I attempt to do triathlons.

SL: What is the biggest challenge you face in sport?

SG: The biggest challenge is not to forget, every single moment, how utterly privileged I am to swim, bike, and run to my hearts content. How fortunate I am to reap its physical, mental and social benefits, and to embark on all the adventures it takes me on... the biggest challenge is remembering to not take any of this for granted.

SL: How do you ‘keep is real’ when faced with challenges?

SG:I remind myself that, frankly, in the scale of things, I am an infinitely insignificant, tiny particle floating about in this vast universe. What’s the worst that can happen to this little particle? And yet, despite its utter insignificance, what a huge impact the tiniest of particles can have on the universe.

SL: Do you have a mantra that helps you overcome?

SG: It is a verse in a Persian poem by Hatef Esfahani: “When you unravel any ‘particle’, you will find its light shining within.” I see this ‘particle’ as any thing, being or situation that we encounter.

SL: What’s your favorite Skratch products?

SG: Any of the sport hydration mixes!

SL: What’s your best joke?

SG: I am my best joke, from head to toe!

Learn More about Shiz in this Sports Illustrated article
Cover photo courtesy of Liv Cycling USA


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