Keeping it Real | Tyler

June 27, 2018

Skratch sat down with pro triathlete Tyler Butterfield to pick his brain about sport, life, and how he keeps it real!    

Skratch Labs: Who are you?

Tyler Butterfield: Tyler Butterfield, Dad, husband, brother, son, and athlete.

SL: : What is your sport of profession?

TB: Triathlon

SL: What is the biggest challenge you face in sport?

TB: Always trying to go faster and not slow down.

SL: How do you ‘keep is real’ when faced with that challenge?

TB: I’m always keeping things pretty real, I think actually distracting yourself, but staying focused at the same time. Basically tricking yourself to get things done.

SL: Do you have a mantra that helps you overcome?

TB: Anything to keep it light hearted and fun.

SL: What’s your favorite Skratch products?

TB: The Energy Bars and Sport Hydration Mix.

SL: What’s your best joke?

TB: I’ve never been good at telling jokes, so I just act like one.

SL: Any "training hacks" you think the world needs to know?

TB: Not sure what a training hack is, but enjoy it! A happy athlete is a fast athlete.

SL: Finally, what is your favorite Skratch product?

TB: Fruit Punch Sport Hydration Mix! I can go though almost a full bag on a big training day.


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