Tips for Darker Days and Colder Weather

November 15, 2019

Don't let limited daylight throw off your routine.

During the fall + winter, seasonal affective disorder can kick in... light, exercise, and friends can help with the symptoms of SAD. We've got you covered with some Skratch hacks to help:

It’s Lit
▪️ Use the morning light to your advantage, exposure to sunlight in the morning can help reset your body clock and boost your mood.

▪️ Invest in some good quality lights for your sport.

Do It To It! Any bit counts
▪️ Get in a morning workout! If you can get your full routine in, great! Even 15 minutes will help boost your energy in the darker winter days. Do the rest of your workout in the evening if you can't rally your full set in the morning.

Get the Right Gear
▪️ Game-plan how you will stay active, set up your trainer and get pedaling, get out your headlamp (and microspikes if you are somewhere icy) and go for a night hike, sign up for a local evening class or online workout plan.

▪️ Set out clothing the night before.

Buddy Buddy!
▪️ Workout with a friend to help hold each other accountable and keep you company.

Catch Your Zzz’s
▪️ Set a bedtime routine and stick to it! You might feel energized to stay up later but don't be fooled and sucked into hitting the snooze button a few hours later.

Fuel Your Fuel Motivation
▪️ Share some Skratch Hot Matcha and test new portable recipes for long workouts to keep the fuel motivation high.

▪️ Program the coffee pot before leaving for your workout.

Pump Up the Jams
▪️ Save your favorite playlist for listening to only in the morning, music motivation.

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