Allen's Summer Breakfast

July 01, 2019

Hot days got you wanting a light refreshing breakfast?

Salad is a great way to mix things up, keep things crisp, and get some greens.

Dr. Lim’s summer breakfast is a winner for toasty mornings.

The menu line up includes: Burrata, Tomato and Nectarine Salad, a Bibb, Grapefruit and Avocado Salad, Bacon, Fried Eggs, Bread, Butter, Jam.   

Burrata, Tomato, Nectarine Salad

Amounts will vary depending on how many people you are feeding and what flavors you want more of.

Cut tomatoes into large chunks, if possible get local or heirloom tomatoes

Tear leaves of basil off stalk

Cut large burrata into fourths

Cut nectarines into chunks

Toast some pepitas with oil and salt on the stove

Place all ingredients into a bowl and toss with either your hands or salad serving utensils

Bibb, Grapefruit, Avocado Salad

Amounts will vary depending on how many people you are feeding.

We used:

Two heads of bibb lettuce, tear into large pieces

One grapefruit peeled, make sure all pith (white part) is peeled or cut away

Toast some pistachios on the stove top, watch closely to prevent burning

Blend avocado, salt, olive oil to preferred dressing texture

Place all ingredients in bowl and toss 

Accompany your summer breakfast salads with your choice of the following:
Fried Eggs

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