How to Use Leftover Rice

July 19, 2017

Inevitably, we end up with a leftover rice here at Skratch. Sometimes we accidentally make too much, other times we deliberately make too much knowing that there are a whole bunch of delicious things to make with it if we plan ahead a bit; that leftover rice is perfect for when we're looking for a quick dinner idea, a ready-to-pack lunch, or speedy snack idea later in the week.

No matter how you use your leftover rice, be sure you're storing the rice properly to ensure it keeps safely. Cool the leftover portion of rice as quickly as possible after cooking and before storing in the fridge. Don't allow the rice to sit around at room temperature for any amount of time because uncooked rice can contain spores of a bacterium called Bacillus Cereus, which are resistant to heat and can survive normal cooking temperatures. If cooked rice stays warm, the spores will flourish and germinate, producing a toxin that can cause food poisoning. This toxin is heat-resistant so will not be destroyed by cooking or reheating. So keeping rice chilled and eating it within one or two days is the best way to prevent any illness.

For fastest results, use the microwave!
Combine the rice and a small bit of water in a microwave-safe dish and use a fork to break up any large clumps of rice, then cover the dish with a wet paper towel, making sure that the towel is laid directly on top of the rice. Then, cook on high heat until the rice is heated through.

Steam it on the stovetop!
In a saucepan, combine the rice with a splash of water and use a fork or spatula to break up any large clumps of rice. Cover the pan with a tight-fitting lid and cook the rice over low heat, stirring occasionally and adding very small increments of additional water if need be, until the rice is heated through.

Then, use it in any one of these recipes for snacks + meals below, or in any other dishes you can dream up!

Red Berry + Rice Recovery Smoothie
Rice + Eggs
Tropical Rice Pudding
Harissa Carrot + Chickpea Veggie Burgers
Thai-Style Rice Salad with Peanut Sauce

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