Oreo Rice Cakes from Coach Zippy

June 4, 2020

Coach Zippy took the traditional rice cake portable and gave it a sweet boost by adding Oreos. 


500g Sushi rice

1 litre water

60g white sugar

100g creamed coconut

35g coconut oil

tbsp vanilla bean paste

Oreos (amount to your liking)


Bang it all in the rice cooker together for 25 min stir well half way through or at the start
Add crumbled Oreo’s once cooked .....Bosh!
Pop the lot in a ziplock bag, flatten, seal and leave in the fridge overnight

Pro tip : melt all the coconut, sugar and vanilla paste in hot water before adding!

About Coach Zippy aka Anthony Doyle

Irish, currently living in Girona.
I've coached cycling and nutrition at all levels for over 15yrs, and raced for over 30!
I have a background in physical therapy, anatomy and physiology.
Mad for all things outdoors but need hot weather. I love coffee, wine,
cooking, music, chats and cats. 

For more from Coach Zippy follow him on Instagram @coach_zippy and checkout his website.

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