Pan Pizza Skratch Style

April 30, 2021

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time... Pizza Bagel™ got it right, you can have pizza anytime! Dr. Lim + Chef Biju put together their pan pizza recipe for you to get creative with. Depending on time, you can make everything from scratch (which we are biased to) or grab some pre-made dough and have your pizza in a pinch! Don't be shy - try breakfast toppings or your favorite classic toppings, either way these make a great recovery meal or can be cut up and wrapped up for a portable on your next endeavor!

-pizza dough
-tomato sauce/pesto/your sauce of choice
-pepperoni / sausage / whatevah you like
-cheese / vegan cheese
-fresh herbs and vegetable toppings
-pans (reusable)
-olive oil
-salt / seasonings
-flour / corn meal to work the dough


48 Hour House Pizza Dough
This is best if it sets up over 24 hours, better at 48hours, but will work in fewer.
Recipe for 6 medium-sized pizzas with thin crust and puffy ring of dough on edge or crust (cut in half); adjust as needed.
If you don't want to make your own, pick up some from your local pizza shop or grocery store.

Ingredients: (no sugar or oil)
6 cups flour
2 packets instant yeast
2 tsp salt
1.5 cups warm water (like warm bath water)

1) Sift together flour, yeast and salt in large glass or china bowl
2) Add warm water; pour in slowly while mixing, add a splash more or less as needed
3) Mix dough thoroughly, incorporate all the flour and water, should feel firm when done, adjust with a splash more of water or dusting of flour if needed
4) Brush bowl with olive oil, roll dough in bowl to coat, cover and let sit out for at least an hour, punch down and set into fridge over night or up to two days.

Two Hours Before Pizza Making:
- Remove from fridge; punch down, cover, and let rise at room temperature for about an hour
- Carefully portion into 6 equal balls (8 for thin or small, pizza board sizes)
- Shape into smooth even balls and set into a pan while you get oven warm, at least one hour
- Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Pizza Time
1) Gently shape each piece of dough into a rectangle big enough for a pan
2) Drizzle olive oil, a sprinkle of salt…then top with all your favorites
3) Put on bottom rack so it’s closest to heat then move up to higher rack half way through
4)Bake until outside is nice and crispy golden and cheese is bubbling

These typically take 10 – 12 minutes until it’s nice and crispy

Pro Tips
- Dough might be sticky so a little olive oil on your hands and flour on the counter will help. If you do it without oil it would stretch better but olive oil makes it crispier.
- Be patient with the dough, don’t just jam it in there, if dough doesn’t stretch and keeps relaxing back to middle, keep working it. It will get stretchier as it warms up.
- If using tomatoes as a topping cut them super thin to avoid them making pizza watery
- You can crack an egg on top of the pizza for a breakfast pizza.
- If you have extra dough, put Nutella on top, make a little pillow and throw it in the oven for dessert.
- Any pizza is a personal pizza if you have the right mindset.

Want to take your pizza on your next ultrarace or ride? Here is how to wrap 'em up!

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