Recovery Sport Drink Mix

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recover faster than using either carbs or protein alone

  • The fastest way to recover when all your cookies have been spent.

    Recovery Sport Drink Mix is designed to rapidly refuel, rehydrate, and rebuild you when you’re completely empty after your longest and hardest workouts.

    It’s for those times when you’re totally cooked and you don’t have a personal chef to hand you a burrito or the time to make one yourself. It’s not designed for recovering after an easy stroll around the neighborhood or for getting swole. But, if you accidentally do get swole, make sure to post pictures on Instagram.

    Technically, our Recovery Sport Drink Mix is a 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, that’s designed to bring your blood sugar up fast. This causes the hormone insulin to spike, which is key to getting the sugar, electrolytes, fat, and protein in our Recovery Sport Drink Mix back into muscle fast. Basically, our Recovery Mix is really sweet milk* – like chocolate milk, but without a tongue-twisting list of excess ingredients and with a more optimized macronutrient profile for restoring muscle glycogen (aka, refueling).

    But, the real magic is that our Recovery Sport Drink Mix actually tastes great. So great, that you might want to drink it all the time. The problem is that while there’s a scientific rationale for the high amount of sugar we use, it’s not an amount that’s healthy to consume if you just sat on your butt all day. 

    Also, we know milk bends some people because they’re lactose intolerant, so we’ve added lactase to digest all the milk sugar.* We also know that after a super hard workout, your gut can be pretty fubarred, so we also added the probiotic bacillus coagulans 30 to make things better.

    And ya, it’s non-GMO, Kosher, vegetarian, and gluten free.

     *Vegan Chocolate flavor does not contain dairy.   

  • Chocolate: cane sugar, whole milk, nonfat milk, dextrose, cocoa powder, cocoa extract, lactase, salt, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (probiotic).

    Strawberries + Cream: cane sugar, whole milk, nonfat milk, strawberry juice powder, dextrose, vanilla extract, lactase, salt, citric acid, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (probiotic).

    Horchata: cane sugar, whole milk, nonfat milk, rice flour, dextrose, vanilla extract, cinnamon, lactase, salt, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (probiotic).

    +Probiotic BC30: 1 billion active cultures per serving. BC30 supports an overall healthy digestive system, healthy immune system, and enhances protein utilization. Not all probiotic strains are the same - BC30 delivers live cells 10 times more effectively than common probiotic yogurts.

    Allergens: Contains milk from rBGH/rBST free cows.*

    *No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows.

    Vegan Chocolate: cane sugar, dextrose, pea protein, medium chain triglycerides (derived from coconut), cocoa powder, rice protein, cocoa extract, gum acacia, salt, vanilla extract, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (probiotic)

  • To prepare: simply add one serving (2 scoops or one packet) to 12 fl oz of water and shake (don't stir).

  • Our Recovery Mix is intended for use immediately after exercise, especially when that bout of exercise leaves you feeling hungry, when you don't have a meal made from scratch readily available, and when you want to fast track the recovery process.

    Because our Recovery Mix is a whole food product made with only real natural ingredients, you can also use it when your metabolism is on the fast track and when you're so hungry that you're being a menace to yourself and others.

Customer Reviews

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Like a Milkshake

The taste is top notch - protein doesn’t get better than this. Love using after long, hard run. First thing I go to after a race.

Horchata FTW

I have been madly in love with horchata for over 3/4 of my life (I did the math). Needless to say, I am a BIG fan of the Skratch horchata recovery drink mix. The flavor is killer, the carb/protein ratio is perfect, and my body always tolerates it well. Drinking this after a big training session is sometimes the only motivation I need to get out the door :)

Great alternative to chocolate milk for recovery

I usually drink chocolate (soy) milk as a recovery beverage, but sometimes I don't have it around or sometimes I just want something different. On those occasions I love having a pouch of Skratch Recovery Mix sitting around. It tastes great and refuels me after a big ride.


I love chocolate and this recovery drink is amazing. So delicious.

Horchata is SO GOOD!

This is the best recovery mix I've ever used. I mix this one with vanilla protein powder and it's the BEST! Thanks for your wonderful and tasty products!

Best Tasting Recovery Mix

By far my favorite post workout mix

Strawberry is dreamy

Love the strawberry post-long run. Flavor is on point and not too sweet.

My coach was right

My coach has been on me about recovering properly after races when I can’t just go home and eat breakfast, so I started using the recovery drink mix at races. And let me tell you, I feel the difference! It’s a game changer to just have a prepped bottle to drink after a race and now I use it almost every weekend. And it tastes good too!

Niklaus L.
Great Taste

Great taste for a product like this and easy on the stomach. Have consistently used for years to help refuel after training rides/runs to make sure I'm as ready as can be for race day!


Delicious. Mixed with a bit of protein powder (vanilla or chocolate) and you can't go wrong. The horchata has picked me up after a lot of tough sessions.