Sticker Pack With Free aLoksak

Who doesn't want a handful of Skratch stickers?  No one, that's who.  So why not add this to your order and get yourself five, count 'em one two three four FIVE, Skratch Labs stickers?  Seriously, why not?  Sure, you'll get a couple with any order for free, but more is better than less, right? 

You'll get a selection from what our marketing department told us to describe as "our favorite stickers" and what our fulfillment crew calls "the ones we have in stock at the moment".  One of them uses the word "bacon."  If that offends you, we're sorry and promise at least four stickers that don't say "bacon."  If it doesn't offend you, we're sorry that no more than one says "bacon."

You'll also get one of our sweet Skratch branded aLoksaks.  Perfect for keeping your phone and your fat stacks of cash dry when you're sweating it out on the road, trail, mountainside, beach-whatever and wherever you get down and dirty.  Because no cashier wants your soggy dollar bills and Apple won't replace a wet iPhone- (the nerve!)

Sticker selection may vary from order to order based on availability.


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