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Easy Savory Tomato and Thyme Crisp

October 09, 2015

Many of us have favorite fruit crisp recipes, but have you ever tried a savory crisp? This Easy Savory Tomato + Thyme Crisp is a quick solution for dinner on busy weeknights, and a great option for when you want something creative and interesting to share at your next potluck. Because its' made with our cookie recipe, it has a sweet undertone that we like most when the crisp layer is thin, just as a crunchy topping on top of the tomatoes. For best results and the most flavor, use only ripe summer + late fall cherry tomatoes here; canned tomatoes just won't do.   

Easy Savory Tomato + Thyme Crisp

1 batch of Skratch cookie dough (minus the egg)

3 pints cherry tomatoes

1 shallot or ¼ of a red onion, diced

1 Tablespoon chopped thyme

1 cup chopped walnuts

3 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

(optional: 1 cup of parmesan cheese, goat cheese, or feta cheese)

Preheat your oven to 350F degrees and pull out a 11 x 13 inch baking pan.

Slice the tomatoes in half, and place into the 11 x 13 inch baking pan.

Dice the shallot or red onion and add half of the quantity to the tomatoes. Set the other half aside. Add the cheese here if you like!

Drizzle the tomato mixture with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Then set aside.

Separate the thyme leaves from the tough stems and reserve the leaves. Then chop the walnuts. You’re ready to assemble the crumble!

In a medium sized bowl, mix the cookie mix with the olive oil, thyme leave, walnuts and ½ of the shallot. Combine with your hands until the mixture is crumbly and well incorporated.

Sprinkle the mixture over the tomatoes and press down just slightly.

Bake the crumble at 350F degrees until the tomato juice is boiling from the sides and the crumble mixture is golden brown, about 30-45 minutes.

**To make a quick and portable lunch, bake this savory crumble in small glass jars. Simply divide the tomato mixture between 6-8 jars, repeat with the crumble mixture, and bake on a cookie sheet (to prevent the juices from boiling over onto the bottom of your oven,) for 30 minutes or until the tomato juices are boiling and the crumble is golden brown. Let the little crumbles cool completely, then seal with the lids. Enjoy with a green salad and you have a hearty lunch on the go!

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