Skratch Labs Sample Pack

*Sample Packs are limited to one pack per order.

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for when you want to taste them all!

  • *Sample Packs are limited to one pack per order. 

    Help without the Hurt
    We use real food, starting from scratch, to create sports nutrition that you
    actually want to eat. Our products taste better and feel better--because they
    have no artificial sweeteners, isolates, colors, or preservatives that might
    cause GI distress--to help you perform better.

    So you can get out there and bust your butt, not your gut.

    What's inside your sample pack: 
    1 Serving of Lemon + Lime Hydration Sport Drink Mix
    1 Pouch of Raspberry Energy Chews Sport Fuel
    1 Peanut Butter + Chocolate Energy Bar Sport Fuel
    1 Serving of Chocolate Recovery Sport Drink Mix

    Our Story: Made from Skratch
    We were two pros who spent years on the Pro Cycling Tour watching our
    teammates eat terribly and suffer through bad-tasting sports “nutrition” that
    ruined their stomachs. So we did something about it. Skratch Labs started as a
    “secret drink mix” of real sugar, salt, and fruit powder, mixed together in a
    5-gallon paint bucket. We wanted to help pro cyclists feel better and ride
    faster, and we did. Nearly a decade later, our approach is the same: help
    athletes perform better by solving their nutrition problems, without causing new ones, using real food ingredients. As we’ve learned in the kitchen and in our careers -- everything is better when you start from scratch.

    Get this sample pack today, the perfect starter pack for any athlete. 

  • Lemon + Lime Hydration Sport Drink Mix:
    Ingredients: cane sugar, dextrose, sodium citrate, citric acid, magnesium lactate, calcium citrate, potassium citrate, lemon oil, lime oil, lemon juice, lime juice, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

    Raspberry Energy Chews Sport Fuel:
    Tapioca Syrup, Evaporated Cane Juice, Water, Pectin, Raspberry Powder, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sea Salt.

    Peanut Butter + Chocolate Energy Bar Sport Fuel:
    Ingredients: Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Coconut Nectar, Tapioca Syrup Solids, Semi-Sweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter), Roasted Peanuts, Oats, Brown Rice Crisps, Quinoa Crisps, Vegetable Glycerine, Oat Flour, Sorghum Flakes, Peanut Oil, Sea Salt, Sunflower LecithinContains: peanuts, tree nuts (coconut).

    Chocolate Recovery Sport Drink Mix:
    Ingredients: cane sugar, whole milk, nonfat milk, dextrose, cocoa powder, cocoa extract, lactase, salt, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (probiotic).

    +Probiotic BC30: 1 billion active cultures per serving. BC30 supports an overall healthy digestive system, healthy immune system, and enhances protein utilization. Not all probiotic strains are the same - BC30 delivers live cells 10 times more effectively than common probiotic yogurts.

    Allergens: Contains milk from rBGH/rBST free cows.*

    *No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows.

  • Hydration Sport Drink Mix: 
    To use:
    add one scoop to 12 to 16 fl oz (350 to 500 ml) of water and shake. As a starting point, drink 1-2 servings for each hour of exercise, but also mind your thirst. Drink when thirsty. Don’t drink when not thirsty.

    You may be the type who likes to gaze at your sports drink after shaking. If so, you may see small particles that don’t dissolve completely. What you’re seeing is called fruit. That stuff that people are always telling you to eat. So relax and enjoy. It’s real food for real flavor.

    Energy Chews Sport Fuel:
    To use:
    As a starting point, consume one package of Energy Chews (containing 140 Calories and 36 grams of carbohydrate) each hour for activities lasting longer than 2 hours, beginning the first hour. If you’re going super hard and super long, you may even try up to 2 packages per hour. As a reference point, it’s rare to find someone who can absorb more than 100 grams of carbohydrate per hour. So don’t try and be a hero. Leave that for showing up on time to work.

    Energy Bar Sport Fuel:
    To use:
    Eat when hungry. Don’t eat when not. Repeat if necessary.

    Recovery Sport Drink Mix: 
    To prepare: simply add one serving (2 scoops or one packet) to 12 fl oz of water and shake (don't stir).

    Our Sport Recovery Mix is intended for use immediately after exercise, especially when that bout of exercise leaves you feeling hungry, when you don't have a meal made from scratch readily available, and when you want to fast track the recovery process.

    Because our Sport Recovery Mix is a whole food product made with only real natural ingredients, you can also use it when your metabolism is on the fast track and when you're so hungry that you're being a menace to yourself and others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kalei K.
Just ordered

I can’t wait to receive my products, a friend had given me some chews before our almost 10 mile paddling race, and I was energized for the whole race. Excited for the different flavors

Elise M.
great stuff for warding off dehydration

I deal with a tendency toward dehydration due to hyperhidrosis. Unlike other mixes, skratch isn't full of artificial sweeteners which would cause me other medical difficulties. Skratch is not too sweet, and it's convenient to use. Skratch does a good job helping me stay hydrated even when my hyperhidrosis goes into high gear.

Thank you Elise! Glad to help!

Jen R.
Everything I was looking for!

So far I have been blown away by these products and this company! The hydration drinks taste amazing. Not too sweet and definitely refreshing. I'm allergic to stevia and my son reacts to food dyes. Skratch is everything I have been looking for. My kids and I all love it! Shipping was fast, service and communication were great! Plus I got a sticker and a handwritten note! Very pleased with everything. I am recommending skratch products to everyone I know! Thank you!

Fred M.
Found a new favorite

I'm so happy that I found this sample pack as I wasn't aware that skratch made chews but after trying them in this sampler they're my new favorite.

Thanks Fred for the feedback. Glad you discovered the energy chews!

Jess R.
Simply delicious!

I have a hard time digesting any sort of "energy" bars... well, these ones are the exception. I've been using Skratch hydration mix for 3 years now & love the taste, so I decided to give the bars a shot. I was not disappointed. The taste is great & ingredients are top notch.These bars have become my new weapon for Ironman Lake Placid.

Best all natural bar around

Since coming across this great company, I have reordered enough bars to last my wife and 2 weeks (pay-period) about 3 times now. They are the best we have ever had! The flavors are all great and unique. The texture is not sticky or gummy like others on the market. The price point is very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the ingredients. Well done Skratch folks. I look forward to new flavors before too long.

Erika K.
Delicious and no reactions!

I am allergic to just about everything, and had to cut processed foods out of my diet for years. I still can’t eat wheat, eggs, gluten, lentils, yeast, dairy or mushrooms, so it still makes eating very difficult. I have a hard time maintaining the energy necessary for working out, and am so glad you have two (maybe 3) bars I can tolerate! I will write reviews for the others once I know I can tolerate them. Thank you!!!!!!!

Brad M.
These Bars ROCK

I've competed in Triathlon for over 30 years and tried almost every nutrition bar out there. Skratch bars are by far my favorite. Real stuff that works. Easy to digest and great before and during a workout and my snack of choice during long works days and when traveling. The new flavors are all great. Healthy food done right....

Anytime Energy!

These bars are everything! I am a teacher with very little down time during the day. These bars help keep my energy up for the kids and feel full since my lunch can come at different times during the day (sometimes not until the end of the school day even). They are just right and easy to digest making your time on the go more productive. They are also a great snack before a long run or workout session at the gym! Highly recommend these bars!


Love being able to take a few of these with me on an outing and not having to worry about the bonk. Great bars that don't bog you down after eating them.