Skratch Labs Cookie Mix Recipe

May 23, 2019

Take away the stigma that cookies are just an indulgence and it’s clear that homemade cookies from scratch are a great alternative to many prepackaged snacks.

Compared to many bars, cookies are nutritionally similar and easier to eat and digest because they’re simpler, have more moisture, and lack excess ingredients.

Our recipe is simple, quick, and delish!

Cooooookie Time!

1 ½ C Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

⅓ C packed Brown Sugar

Heaping ⅓ C Sugar

¼ C Instant Oats

⅛ tsp Baking powder

⅛ tsp Baking soda

½ tsp Salt

1 tsp Vanilla extract

¼ tsp Cinnamon

1 Egg (For vegan options sub your favorite vegan egg replacement)

1 Stick Butter

1 C of mix ins


1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2 Melt butter and mix with sugar

3 Add the egg and vanilla

4 Mix dry ingredients together in a separate bowl

5 Combine dry & wet ingredients with either spatula, hand mixer, stand mixer, or hands. Add mix-ins if making cookies.

6 Line pan with parchment paper

For Bars: Use a 9" square pan, sprinkle small chunks of dough on pan, sprinkle mix-ins, press gently so that dough is level, bake 20-26 minutes until brown and firm to touch.

For Cookies: Use 18" x 13" pan, scoop batter into rounded spoonfuls, leaving 1-1.5 inches between cookies, bake 9-12 minutes, until brown.

When you need a good fuel on-the-go-no-time-to-make-cookies-option check out our Anytime Energy Bars!

For years professional athletes who rely heavily on energy bars to fuel themselves in training and racing have complained that the bars they ate were too dry, too hard to chew, sat in their bellies and guts like bricks, and just didn’t taste good. We took that feedback and challenged ourselves to make something better, and to help athletes be better. The outcome?

The Anytime Energy Bar.

KEEPS YOU FUELED AND FULL: Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars were designed as a fuel source for when you need it most. We kept the bar as simple as possible, using the fewest number of whole food ingredients without sacrificing taste. Made with 50% less sugar than traditional energy bars, the right macronutrient profile, and real food that's real good for you.

FOR ANYTIME YOU NEED A BOOST: This nutritional profile makes this bar suitable for use anytime one is hungry and needs a mixed macronutrient profile. Eat anytime you want to perform at your best - while it’s a great piece of the fueling strategy in the middle of an endurance event or race - it’s also appropriate as a snack while hungry at the office or on the way to a workout.

NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE (except for the parm bar), VEGAN, KOSHER.

We know…we nailed it. Read the full energy bar story here.

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