Skratch Sport Crispy Rice Cake Questions and Usage 

April 1, 2023, Updated March 2024

This product has been discontinued, if you would like to recreate please check out our Six Most Popular Rice Cake Recipes for simple and delicious homemade rice cakes.

For more Skratch inspired recipes perfect for on-the-go, check out our Feed Zone Portables cookbook with 75 easy to recreate recipes perfect for all outdoor endeavors. 

At Skratch Labs HQ, we’re always tinkering with new ideas, new recipes, and new formulations. We decided long ago that we’d make solutions to athlete problems but not try to solve problems that don’t actually exist. The good news is that we get to witness those athlete problems first hand, all the time, through our training camps. Elite athletes come to Boulder (or sometimes we go to them) to train together, eat together, stretch together, and learn together, and we get to see it all. The hot days. The long days. The boring days. We put our athletes through the ringer and, well, they speak up!

One of the things we’ve heard from so many athletes over the years is that they don’t look forward to eating the energy food that’s in their pocket, and so they don’t end up eating enough to get the proper fueling. Everyone loves fresh rice cakes from the Feed Zone Portables Cookbook, but that’s not always convenient. Athletes also seem to love a good “donut ride” or “pastry ride” that ends at a bakery, though this isn’t really the ideal recovery food!

So we thought -- what energy food would also make a great treat? What could we make that will win on being super-yummy-delicious? Also, what’s the best food for fueling that’s packed with energy but still easy to digest? That would be simple, high-quality rice. And what’s the best way to enjoy rice? As a crispy treat!

We looked around for great crispy rice treat recipes and for the perfect marshmallow. We even made some incredible “fluff” with our Sport Hydration Drink Mix! Where we landed were some great grains -- puffed brown rice, wild rice, red rice, and toasted quinoa -- and a marshmallow made with egg whites (and not gelatin) that stayed fluffy without being too sweet. The Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake Sport Fuel was born. But how big? What shape? What flavors? How many calories? We tinkered. We played. We tasted. We rode. In the end we landed on Skratch Crispy Rice Cake Sport Fuel -- an energy food that you actually want to eat! The cakes are 180-190 calories and over 30g of carbohydrates to fuel most athletes for over an hour. The energy comes mostly from the complex carbohydrates in rice. Complex carbs take longer to digest. By breaking down slowly, they provide steady energy into your body over a longer period and keep blood sugar levels steady, rather than a sudden spike. Skratch Crispy Rice Cakes are gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, gelatin free, kosher, and non-GMO, with no artificial colors or flavors. Oh, and they’re also delicious, soft, and easy on the stomach.


What binds the Skratch Crispy?

Holding together the toasted grains of Skratch Crispy Rice Cakes is delicious, fluffy marshmallow. There are many ways to make marshmallow*. We chose a recipe that is simple, using real food, and optimized for a soft texture. The ingredients in our marshmallow are egg whites, vanilla, tapioca syrup (which comes from yucca root), sugar, agar (which comes from algae and is a common vegetarian alternative to gelatin), and glycerin (fermented sugar).

When should I use Skratch Crispy?

Skratch Crispy Rice Cakes are great for eating immediately before or during a workout or cardio activity of 60 minutes or more. With 180-190 calories per cake that is mostly comprised of complex carbohydrates, this is enough fuel to power most endurance athletes for an additional 45-60 minutes. But use your body as a guide -- eat when you’re hungry (or your blood sugar is low), don’t when you’re not. Repeat if necessary.

Is this just another energy bar?

No. Most energy bars, like our Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar, have a balanced macronutrient profile of fat, fiber, protein, and carbs. This nutrient balance helps you feel full and satisfied and can be great for long and low intensity adventures.

In contrast, Skratch Labs Crispy Rice Cakes are mostly comprised of carbohydrates, with very little fat, fiber, and protein. This nutrient balance gives you an energy boost immediately before or during a higher intensity workout, much like our Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews. With 180-190 calories per cake, this is enough fuel to power most endurance athletes for about an hour.

What makes this different from a traditional rice crispy?

Traditional rice crispy treats are made with just puffed white rice cereal and they're delicious, no doubt! But we wanted to make a crispy rice cake that is more suited for grown-ups and for athletes, so we came up with a blend of our favorite grains: brown rice, red rice, wild rice, and toasted quinoa. We also use a simpler marshmallow recipe that is lower sugar and leaves out the ingredients you don't really need. This makes each bite of our Skratch Crispy Rice Cakes dynamic and flavorful -- an energy food that you actually want to eat!

What makes this different from a waffle or a cookie?

Waffles or cookies are made primarily with wheat flour, which can cause an inflammatory response in those that are sensitive to gluten. Wheat flour is also a simpler carbohydrate, which may raise your blood sugar levels faster with a spike then often a crash. In contrast, our Skratch Crispy Rice Cakes are made with our absolute favorite energy food: rice! Rice is primarily a complex carbohydrate, which allows for slower and more even digestion, meaning you get more steady energy for endurance activities without the spikes or crashes.

What are the benefits of complex carbs in an energy food?

Everyone’s body is different, reacts to macronutrients differently, and has context -- what have you eaten recently and how many calories are you burning? In general, complex carbohydrates, like those found in rice, take longer to digest. By breaking down slowly, they provide steady energy into your body over a longer period and keep blood sugar levels steady, rather than a sudden spike, which may be caused by simpler carbohydrates.

Is it gluten, peanut, dairy free, kosher?

Skratch Crispy Rice Cakes are made in a gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free facility to be allergen-friendly. They are also Kosher.

Why shouldn't I just make rice crispies at home?

You can! We always encourage athletes to eat homemade foods when you can. But we also know that sometimes, you just can't! So we're making it easy for you to put one of these babies in your pocket and take it on a run or ride when life just gets in the way.

Is it vegan?

Skratch Crispy Rice Cake contains egg whites and is therefore not vegan. However, we specifically avoided using gelatin in this product so that it is vegetarian-friendly.

Why use shortening?

Other oil options needed to make this product did not stay as shelf-stable and would not allow people with common allergies to consume this product. In creating every new product, it's always a dance between achieving the best nutrition, texture, inclusion of various dietary needs, and flavor, and we'll be the first to admit that no product is perfect! If this product is not the right solution for your needs check out our bars, chews or our Feed Zone cookbooks where we have great recipes for making your own portable fuel at home which allows you to use your preferred ingredients.

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