Skratch Brookies

December  08, 2023


Recipe Collab from Tory Collins RDN

What's better than a Skratch Brownie? A Skratch Brownie with a Skratch Cookie. Introducing the Skratch Brookie, the delicious dessert that also makes a tasty portable for your coffee ride or post run refueling... or just when you need a sweet snack. 

1 Bag of Skratch Cookie Mix or Skratch Cookie Dough Recipe
1 Batch of Skratch Recovery Brownie Dough 
Optional: Oreos

Make brownies batter and cookie dough as instructed for each. 
From there layer the following

Layer 1

Place your brownie batter into parchment lined dish (9 x13)

Optional Layer 2

Add oreos

Layer 3

Place cookie dough in chucky assembly on top

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Bake for 45 minutes at 350F (check and adapt for your oven and elevation)

Remove from oven and let cool (if you have the patience!)

Cut a piece, eat, and be in brookie bliss!

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Tory is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Master’s in Public Health and Dietetics. She specializes in helping athletes fuel their bodies and overcome restrictive eating through online courses and group programs.Tory found her passion for nutrition by working through her own struggles with food as an athlete. After some inner work and lots and lots of education, she realized that proper nutrition isn’t about following the next fad diet or seeing how many foods you can eliminate. Instead, it is about finding a sustainable way of eating that allows all foods to fit and brings you joy!

As a trail runner, mountain biker, and backcountry skier based in Victor, ID, Tory understands the unique demands of the mountains. She aims to help other athletes find their individual approach to food without restriction and fuel their sports (and their lives).

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